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  • ThermJet Self-Recuperative Burner

    ThermJet Self-Recuperative Burners Combine a High Velocity Flame with Fuel Saving Recuperation
    The low NOx TJSR V5 is a direct fired, self-recuperative burner built with Eclipse's industry proven ThermJet technology. Featuring advanced burner design, these burners combine a high velocity flame with fuel saving recuperation. A space-saving integral educator pulls the furnace exhaust through an internal ceramic recuperator. The recuperator preheats the incoming combustion air to high levels, which improves furnace efficiency in reducing fuel by as much as 50% over typical ambient air burners. The TJSR V5 design also eliminates the need for hot air duct work normally required by external recuperators, providing additional savings in hardware and installation. The internally insulated heat exchanger and exhaust housing hold heat in the recuperative section, thus increasing heat recovery efficiency.

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    • The integrated gas and air orifices simplify burner piping, set-up and adjustment. There is no guesswork with input levels or burner capacity settings at startup.
    • The new burner housing design is up to 40% lighter, making furnace structural changes and installation simpler, with no fear of high stress mounting areas.
    • Internal components are made of space age silicon carbide materials, built to deliver excellent heat transfer and extremely long burner life.
    • Installation, operation, and maintenance are simplified and less costly. And the fuel savings are constant, with no deg- radation of the exchanger/recuperator section, even after years of use.
    • Available in three sizes with a maximum capacity ranging from 200,000 to 1,000,000 BTU/hr (60 to 265 kW).
    Current Version: 5.6
    Type: Nozzle Mixing
    Number of Sizes: 4
    Capacity Range:   200,000 to 1,000,000 (Btu/hr)
    59 to 293 (kW)
    Turndown: 10:1
    Max. Process Temperature: 2200°F, 1205°C
    Fuels: Natural Gas,
    Typical Applications:

    Tempering Furnaces
    Reheating Furnaces
    Hardening Furnaces
    Fluidized Bed Dryers
    Thermal Oxidizers
    Non-Ferrous Melting
    Ladle/Tundish, Glass Lehrs
    Environmental Applications
    Preheated Air

    Key Attributes: All of the features of the ThermJet with dramatically improved efficiencies.
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