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  • SP Stainless Steel Exchanger

    Exothermics SP Sinusoidal Plate Heat Exchangers are the flagship products of the Exothermics line. Our exclusive sinusoidal plate design provides maximum effectiveness and the highest performance available on the market today. High heat transfer effectiveness is produced by corrugating the heat transfer plates to achieve our proprietary sinusoidal wave pattern. The corrugated surface creates air flow turbulence as the air passes through the unit. Heat transfer is further enhanced by using a counter flow design. SP heat exchangers feature fully welded stainless steel construction for robust, durable performance, maximum efficiency and short payback time.

    HP Heat Exchanger

    The Exothermics Mini Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger is the answer to heat recovery needs in systems with low air volumes. Designed specifically for systems with ACFM volumes of 300 to 5500 and temperatures up to 1200°F (649° C) , the Mini Heat Exchanger provides optimum heat recovery. The removable access cover on the exhaust airstream makes it possible to clean the unit and maintain peak effectiveness. The Exothermics Mini Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger is a fully welded assembly that provides structural and airstream integrity. This is accomplished with features such as a continuously welded primary seal that separates the two airstreams and fully welded end seals. The Mini Heat Exchanger provides efficient heat recovery on multiple applications.

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    • HP Heat Exchanger
    • Sinusoidal
  • SP Heat Exchangers

    • 304 stainless steel construction for applications up to 1200°F (650°C).
    • Available with 0.5 inch (12.7mm) and 0.375 inch (9.5mm) plate spacing.
    • Robust, all welded construction by AWS qualified welders.
    • Available with removable access covers or fully wrapped case.
    • 4 customizable flow configurations.
    • Optional external or internal insulation.

    HP Heat Exchangers

    • Ideal for systems with low air volumes.
    • All welded stainless steel construction.
    • Temperatures up to 1200°F.
    • Removable exhaust access cover.
    • 21/2" formed stainless steel flanges.
    • Wide (3/8") plate spacing.
    Description: Plate type, counter flow design
    Model Types: Stainless Steel
    Max. Operating Temp.: 1200°F / 650°C
    SP Volume Range: 300-95,000 (ACFM) / 510-161,405 (Am3/hr)
    HP Volume Range: 300 to 5,500 (ACFM) / 510 to 9,345 (Am3/hr)
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    SP-DA Heat Exchanger for Dairy Applications

    SP-DA Stainless Steel Heat Exchangers are designed to meet the requirements of heating applications in the dairy industry, including the sanitary environments of food and dairy facilities. With the SP-DA, you can be confident your dairy heating process meets industry standards for clean operation.

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