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  • ER Indirect Air Heater

    ER Indirect Air Heaters Produce Clean, Hot Air, Free of Combustion By-Products

    Eclipse ER Indirect air heaters are ideal for heating and drying applications requiring contaminant-free process air. These low NOx heaters deliver the lowest emissions of any indirect heaters available. Typical applications include pharmaceutical spray dryers, chemical dryers and drying ovens. In addition, Eclipse offers dairy spray dryers designed to meet the requirements of spray-drying applications in the dairy industry. In summary, Eclipse ER Indirect air heaters combine all the benefits of an indirect air heater along with the energy efficiencies provided by a full integrated Exothermics heat recovery system.

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    • ER
    • The compact ER system is mounted on a painted carbon steel skid. The combustion air blower is mounted to the skid, ready for installation direct from the factory.
    • The burner package includes a combustion air blower, air/fuel ratio regulator, bypass piping, gas trim valves, UV flame detection and a combustion air modulating valve.
    • Gas train includes double blocking safety valves, pressure switches, pressure regulation, isolation valves and junction box for component wiring.
    • All controls and instrumentation are located on the operator side of the unit.
    • Maximum process air flow is 52,000 ACFM (82,010 Am3/h) at 70°F (21°C).
    Description: Indirect Fired Process Air Heater
    Model Types: Recirculating and Single Pass
    Max. Process Temperature: 775°F, 412°C
    Nine Sizes:

    1,000 - 52,000 (ACFM)

    1,700-82,010 (Am3/hr)

    Typical Applications: Food production
    Spray drying for dairy operations
    Pharmaceutical / chemical drying
    Tobacco drying
    Hydrated lime drying
    Key Attributes: Produces contaminant free process air, packaged solution.
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