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  • Dimple Plate Heat Exchangers

    Exothermics' DSP Dimple Plate Heat Exchangers are fully-welded and can be manufactured in a wide variety of sizes. They can also be configured for counter-flow or cross-flow operation. In these exchangers the parallel plates are formed with either staggered or inline dimple patterns to reduce the potential for particulate fouling. The Dimple Plate Heat Exchanger can recover energy from an industrial exhaust with temperatures up to 1,200° F (650° C). The dimple plate design can be used for applications where the flows may include some particulate.

    Insulated Dimple Plate Heat Exchangers

    Exothermics’ DIR Dimple Insulated Heat Exchangers are designed specifically for high temperature applications up to 1550° F (815° C). They feature a fully wrapped inner and outer case and 4 inch thick internal high temperature insulation. DIR Heat Exchangers are available in a wide variety of sizes and flow configurations, such as counter-flow or cross-flow, to satisfy your needs, whether you are recovering heat from your ovens, preheating combustion air, or running a catalytic or thermal oxidizer.

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    • Dimple Insulated
    • 309 stainless steel construction for applications up to 1500°F (815°C).
    • Staggered and inline dimple patterns available in 0.5inch (12.7mm) and 0.375inch (9.5mm) plate spacing.
    • Robust, all welded construction by AWS qualified.
    • Fully wrapped inner and outer case with internal expansion joints.
    • 6 customizable flow configurations.
    • 4 inch thick internal high temperature fiber insulation.
    • Floating core design allows for thermal expansion.


    Description: Plate type, counter flow design

    Model Types: Stainless Steel, Insulated Recuperator

    Max. Operating Temp.: 1200°F / 650°C (regular)

    Max. Operating Temp.: 1500°F / 815°C (insulated)

    Volume Range: 300-95,000 (ACFM) / 510-161,405 (Am3/hr)

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