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    Eclipse designs custom valve trains for natural gas, oil, oxygen, air, nitrogen and propane to suit our customer’s unique requirements. Valve trains are built with unsurpassed quality and conform to industry requirements, including NFPA, UL, ANSI B31.3 and others, depending on customer requirements. Our experienced engineering and manufacturing team delivers safe, reliable valve trains you can count on for precise system control.
    • Blower Air Staging
      Blower Air Staging
    • Cooling Air for CCTV
      Cooling Air for CCTV
    • Forehearth Mixing Station
      Forehearth Mixing Station
    • Gas Safety Train
      Gas Safety Train
    • Main Air System
      Main Air System
    • N2 High Pressure Regulator
      N2 High Pressure Regulator
    • OEAS Air Oxy System
      OEAS Air Oxy System
    • OEAS Oxygen System
      OEAS Oxygen System
    • Oil Atomizing Air System
      Oil Atomizing Air System
    • Oil Heater
      Oil Heater
    • Oil Pump
      Oil Pump
    • Oil Safety System
      Oil Safety System
    • Oxy Gas Main Train
      Oxy Gas Main Train
    • Oxy Gas Zone Control
      Oxy Gas Zone Control
    • Oxygen Train
      Oxygen Train

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