• P-Tube

    The P-Tube burner is a radiant tube velocity burner for use in P-Tube furnace applications. The burner design utilizes flue gas recirculation entrained by the products of combustion. The flue gas recirculation provides lower NOx emissions and better tube temperature uniformity. By utilizing preheated combustion air, this burner delivers higher efficiencies than stand alone tube firing burners.

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    • PTube
    • Cuts fuel costs up to 50%.
    • Higher efficiencies than U-Tube without recuperation.
    • Better tube temperature uniformity than U-Tubes with recuperation.
    • Lower NOX emissions than conventional recuperation.
    • Lower system costs than multiple burner systems.
    • Can be fired on/off, high/low, proportional, and pulse.
    • "Jet" velocity nozzle design.
    • Can be fitted to existing gas or electric furnaces.
    • Eliminates hot air pipework.

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