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    ShareHolders2013Eclipse was founded in 1908 as Central Appliance Company by Garnet McKee. McKee’s keen interest in process heating led him in 1911 to publish the first definitive handbook for steel heat treating. Longevity in business requires constant change and by the early 1920’s McKee’s company invented the Baker’s Fryer which would go on to become standard equipment in the baking industry for decades. It was also during this time that Eclipse would make a major push into the development of industrial burners, culminating into the introduction of air/gas mixing systems during the 1930’s. During the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s Eclipse dramatically expanded its global business, following the installation of natural gas pipelines around the world. During the 1980’s and 90’s Eclipse strengthened its business sophistication, and its ability to control manufacturing costs and product quality, by operating philosophies such as lean enterprise. We enter the next 100 Years focusing on new customers in growth industries, and synchronizing the company around the world.

    In 1960, A. C. (Cam) Perks, the nephew of Mr. McKee, became President of the company. His son, Douglas Perks, was named President in 1990 and is currently Chief Executive Officer. Cam Perks son, Lachlan Perks, was made President in 2006. Wendy Perks Fisher, daughter of Cam Perks, is a Board President of the Eclipse Foundation.
    Being a family owned business puts Eclipse in select company and affords us with some distinct advantages. The primary reason for these differences – Values. Our Company Values form a system of informal, yet powerful norms that influence our attitudes and behaviors and define our culture. Family run businesses emphasize continuity and invest in their future. This long-term view has allowed us to make strategic decisions that drive investments in product development and employee growth and positions us for a successful future. It also provides an environment for more predictable behavior both inside and outside of our company which supports longstanding relationships with our employees and business partners.

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