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    InnovationAt Eclipse we believe that thoroughly understanding the combustion process is critical to designing and building the most Safe, Reliable, Efficient and Clean combustion products and systems as possible. We have a constant focus on innovation in all that we do to serve the customers and industries that we serve. Combustion plays a critical role in the overall performance and reliability of many industrial processes and if the heat delivery system fails to perform at an optimal level, the entire system suffers.

    Product development is driven primarily by our promise to deliver the best combustion solution for our customers’ application.
    We are motivated by factors such as energy and process efficiency, cost reduction, and environmental protection. We offer state of the art test equipment and facilities in our Rockford, Illinois location to support the wide variety of our customers’ needs.

Industrial Combustion Workshop

 March 7-9, 2017

Honeywell Eclipse Training Center - Rockford IL

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